Saturday, March 30, 2013

what the title of this blog means

So, why a starfish? 

While browsing through Shannon's blog, I came upon Charlie's story. It was actually Leah's story I read first that had a link to his. 

                                             Which is a key point in this,
                                                        there are so many.
All so precious.
              So why him?
We had just come out of a 6 month term of unemployment, moved 3000 miles across the country, knew (pretty much) no one in our new area. It is Not like this was ideal timing...from my vantage point ( a pretty weak point of view I'm discovering). I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking as I passed my phone over to Jeff. I didn't say anything to him, but he's used to me finding interesting cats reads or funny cats pictures and sharing them with him. You all should thank him, actually. If not for him, I'd be spamming your world 24/7. The cats things I find!! 

He read. He scrolled. He read more. I was watching tv, or playing on the iPad, or cramming my head with some other digital brain feed. Until he broke in.

"I think we should get him...'

if I said anything, it wasn't memorable. but I do remember crying as he said,

''s like that story of the starfish.'

Some of you have heard the story. Those of you who have not, this is the version I like the best. It is an adaptation of a short story and has many variations. But the meaning is always the same.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Oh, how happy it makes me to be able to write this post!

You see, I started this blog on Feb 1st (how is it now almost April 1st?!)... but then found out that until we had pre-approval, we couldn't use his name or post photos of him or link to anything that might identify I edited the post, removing his name and links. However, the internet being what it is and as clever as some of you are, well, I knew it was bound to get out and it just wasn't worth jeopardizing the adoption.

BUT! all that doesn't matter now!!! Yes, we still have quite the journey ahead of us before he is home, but, for today, we rejoice in PRE-APPROVAL!!!

And! The posts shall commence!

...oh...were you wanting more...?

                                                     ...a photo?

                                                                                ...ohhhhhh! well,
I suppose because you asked...
(and not because I have been dying to share our son's picture with all of you for almost 2 months!!!!)

This is Charlie :)

Photo is ruthlessly stolen from my friend Shannon's blog. Yes, clicking on her name there will take you to it, and I very much encourage you to click with could change your life. It is an eye opening blog about life in the orphanage. She writes with passion about the children. God is using her to build families and I am so grateful to her. More to come about that ;)