Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Traveling Home!

We will be traveling for the next day and a half, so prayers are appreciated. Specifically, that all the flights would be as smooth as possible, since our new son tends to get carsick. (Not unusual, considering how little travel he has had so far in his life) And, that everyone would be able to sleep at least some of the way.

Our schedule:

Today, Thursday February 27th, we check in for our flights at 9:30am, we board at 11:30am, depart at 12:30pm. 

11 hour flight HK to San Fran

8 hour layover in San Fran

 (We part ways with Shell here, this is not going to be easy. We miss her so much, have had an amazing trip together, and Charlie loves her and will not understand why she isn't coming with us...completely forgot to have our guide explain it to him when we had one. Ugh)

5 hour flight San Fran to Philly

Land in Philly at midnight (27th/28th)

Drive home




(I think I'm tired ;) seems to be hope of much sleep!!)

Saturday (or thereabouts) about trip, fill in holes, for those who have been so diligent in caring for us, praying for us, writing encouragement to us. I say it again, you just have no idea how much we appreciate you. Love you all.

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